Ash Randall - Football Freestyle

Learning his football freestyle skills growing up in Cardiff, Ash Randall has refined them and put together an amazing, unique football freestyle display. He has taken his skills on shows all around the world in countries such as Egypt, America, India, Kuwait & Canada. Alongside this Ash has performed on ITV, BBC, Sky Sports, Soccer Am, Officially Amazing, Let's Get Gold, Dr.Who and Guinness World Records Show.

Some of Ash's other achievements include:-

  • Juggling a football for 13.1 miles during Cardiff Half Marathon.
  • Climbing 932 stairs while balancing a football on the back up Tower 42.
  • Breaking a Guinness World Record on Live TV in front of over 50 Million people.
  • Juggling a football on the roof of a moving car down Cardiff Airport runway to set a new Guinness World Record.
  • Ambassador for social inclusion charity Street Football Wales.
  • Inclusion charity Street Football Wales.

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