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Exercise Referral Scheme

Darren Farish (Team Leader), Neesha Memetovic (Scheme Coordinator)

The Exercise (Health) Referral scheme is a programme of activities for adults (16+) that offers people who have a health condition that could benefit from increased physical activity the opportunity to participate in exercise, in a safe, supervised and structured environment.

The scheme is a partnership between Public Health, Leicester-shire and Rutland Sport, Local Authorities, GP practices and other Health Care professionals.

Below highlights some of the clients views of the scheme.

Exercise Referral Welcome Pack

This welcome pack highlights all information about the scheme. This includes the gym and class timetable as well as contact details for the scheme.

To find out about Exercise Referral schemes across Leicestershire click on the link; http://www.lrsport.org/exercisereferral

We have a lot of clients referred for Lower Back Pain. Check out this video;