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Facilities Funding

Blaby District Council Capital Grants Scheme

The Capital Grants Scheme helps Parish Councils, voluntary and not-for-profit community groups to provide or improve facilities for the benefit of the community. The grants are issued in order to provide or improve physical assets and are not available for the day to day running costs or project revenue costs. However, help can be given to first year only running costs associated with a capital project.

Grants of up to £5,000 are available but the amount we can award cannot be more than 50% of your total project cost. You will need to be able to raise at least 50% of the funds needed for your project from other sources. Volunteer time and donation of goods and services can be counted towards this requirement.

Grants are decided on a quarterly basis. The remaining 2014/15 deadline for applications is Friday 27th February 2015.

The guidance notes and application form can be found below. For more information on the grant and how to submit an application please visit http://www.blaby.gov.uk/resident/benefits-and-grants/community-grants/

To view any additional funding opportunities for facility upgrades and developments please visit the LRS website or contact the Health and Leisure Services team on 0116 272 7703.