Take your side on tour with our Team Leicestershire associate sponsor Trans World Educational Experiences

Posted: Mon, 02 Apr 2018 08:10

Take your side on tour with our Team Leicestershire associate sponsor Trans World Educational Experiences

Offering tours across the globe in a range of different sports, Trans World (TWEDEX) are one of the leading companies in organising and running sports tours in countries such as England, Spain and USA.

Trans World are one of the biggest providers of sports tours, aimed to educate, empower and inspire the minds of young people. They work to create sports journeys that excite young minds. With tailor-made sports-education experiences providing a chance to see the world and get a taste for a life in sport, a lasting impact on all those who travel with TWEDEX is left.

Operating around the world in more than 40 different countries, Trans World have continued to grow since their inception back in 2010. Taking schools and clubs to international locations, Trans World take the hassle away through planning every detail down. And they have been able to take teams all around the world.

Trans World have taken touring groups right across the globe in pursuit of sporting journeys. Offering tours in football, rugby, dance, multi-sports, netball and basketball, some of the locations include:

  • Barcelona
  • Dubai
  • Florida
  • Dortmund
  • Amsterdam
  • Salou
  • Madrid
  • North West England
  • London

Now in its third year, Team Leicestershire provides the opportunity for every secondary school in Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland to take part in competitive school sport against other schools. It also aim to re-ignite, support and profile our County Representative Sides, so that our most talented young people have the opportunity to represent their County with pride on a regional and national stage.

The Team Leicestershire Finals run throughout the year in Table Tennis, Netball Hockey, Boys Football, Futsal, Badminton, Basketball, Girls Football and Cricket. These take place throughout the school terms and all winning teams are recognised at the end of year Team Leicestershire Awards Evening in July.

To find out about Trans World Educational Experiences and what they can offer to your school or sports team, visit the link below.

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